Welcome to the Lotus Clinic.

The Lotus Clinic provides acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in Edinburgh.

You will receive professional qualified personal care during your time at my clinic and treatment for the cause as well as the symptoms of your health issues. The full power of Chinese medicine will be focused on your health, with a whole hour to address your individual health needs on each visit. An integral part of treatment is practical lifestyle and dietary advice to support your personal care.

Chinese medicine is a medical system which focuses a personalised treatment on each individual patient. It treats the whole person who has a disease, rather than just focusing on the disease. The focus of treatment is to treat the cause of the disease as well as alleviating the symptoms. An important point about CM is that it treats ALL aspects of a person. It includes treatment of physical symptoms like pain and swelling, but also treats the emotional aspects of a person. This is because CM sees a person as a whole and the medical theory has been developed to take these emotional aspects into account. Advice and guidance will help you understand how you can support the progress of your treatment with diet and lifestyle improvements and changes. CM is a rich, well developed and very ancient medical system. It’s much more powerful than most people realise. The common idea that CM is only good for pain relief is very limiting, and fails to give people access to the rest of the iceberg!

Would you like to learn more about how Chinese medicine can help? Then please take a look around the pages and links here to inform and inspire you. There are explanations about Chinese medicine, what happens during treatments, useful links to lots of stuff, and interesting research and information. Bon voyage!

You are welcome to call me and ask any questions about Chinese medicine in general or your particular personal circumstances.

The number is 0131 662 6887. I look forward to speaking to you.

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